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Hello, and welcome to Linear2Circular. We provide professional engineering, environmental consulting & waste management services. 

Vaidehi Jadeja, P. Eng.
Founder & CEO, Linear2Circular

With almost a decade of experience and a highly specialized skill-set within the Environmental & Waste Management industries, I have consulted and worked with numerous public and private sector clients across Canada and India, providing expertise in all aspects of management and execution of multi-faceted environmental investigations, remediation projects, and zero-waste programs, with a strong focus on principles of sustainability and circularity.  

Linear2Circular offers independent consultancy services, helping clients meet their sustainability targets by striving for carbon and plastic neutrality through education and compliance. With the planet at the brink of a catastrophic climate crisis, let’s all do our part in protecting the environment for a better and sustainable future.

Contact us to find out more about our services and fees and don’t forget to check out our blog as well!  

Services We Offer

Environmental Consulting

Waste Management & EPR Services 

Environment, Social, Governance & Sustainability Reporting 

‘TRUE’ Zero & ‘B’ Corp Certification 

Compliance Audits & Reporting 

Let’s restore our planet together.


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