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Canadians generate more garbage per capita than any other country in the world!

1,325,480,289 metric tonnes per year, to be precise. That’s 36,100 kg per person!


A world where principles of Circular Economy are strongly embedded in every aspect of society and daily living, and the concept of waste becomes obsolete while closed loops systems become a norm.


Fight the Climate Crisis by helping businesses and individuals set rigorous sustainability targets, and ensure their success by implementing a zero-waste action plan that leads to carbon and plastic neutrality .


Operate and serve clients with the utmost focus on Excellence and Professionalism, while offering the best subject-matter Expertise, resulting in the clients’ success, leading to a sustainable future for all.

Strategy ->
  • Evaluate client needs.
  • Conduct waste audits and report on current scenario.
  • Build/propose a customized zero-waste action plan.
  • Consultancy/support during stage-wise implementation.
  • KPI monitoring, ESG reporting.
  • Re-evaluate and repeat.
Growth -> ->

Linear2Circular is dedicated to ensuring that the client sets rigorous yet achievable sustainability targets that help them become environmentally responsible – minimizing waste while maximizing resource efficiency/recovery and landfill diversion rates.


By building a strategy that leads to the clients’ growth and success, we proudly contribute to local standards such as EPR and Stewardship programs, and global standards such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We help clients achieve ‘TRUE Zero’ and ‘B Corp’ Certification.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


Let’s restore our planet together.

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